An honest appeal for fundraising

‘‘Believe in us and invest in a better future for a better life.’’


Why should fund us?

Without your funds, we cannot survive. We need you to support to achieve our goals. You should fund us because we are not here to do an ordinary job, but we are here to provide the humanitarian vision for many years to come. If you want to invest in a virtuous and better future then now this is the opportunity that lays open.  Your alms won’t go waste but would transform lives. We have a talented bunch of academician and professionals who are well qualified to execute the project. We are ready to take up the challenges by assuring that your valuable funds will turn into the most productive. If you are looking for an institution looking for changes affecting our everyday lives, then we are the best option you have that can deliver the goods. Therefore like the common saying that life is not a bed of roses where everything comes in a platter we need your support and benedictions to help us achieve our vision of a better future.


What we look in funders?

We look at funders that are integrated and aligned with our organizational goals so that we could also open the opportunity for research collaboration. Funders should belong to those cadre doing innovative things and focused on changing the social and economic pattern. Donors should have faith in us and believe in our mission to achieve the heights of greatness. They should be ready to comprehend the organization’s mandate and ambition. Together we shall reap the abundant fruitage.

Funding partners are the lifeline of an organization as it creates access to capital for the smooth functioning of the project. Today there are many different types of funders from philanthropy to funding profit doing projects.  We are not here to create a market for profit-making business; we are here for creating an academic discourse in public policy affecting the society as a whole. The way we work should represent an embodiment that aligns with our core values.

Change Policies. Change Lives. Change India.